Photography courtesy of Sartoria Sanvittore.

Representing the fashion-oriented arm of Alice, Sartoria Sanvittore began in 2007. Collaborating with fashion institutes and designers, it prides itself in creating high-quality items, in Italy. To better showcase the craftsmanship of the clothing created inside of the different laboratories, ran by the cooperative, it opened its first retail space in 2010.


Under the creative leadership of Rosita Onofri, the line offers two collections a year. These items of clothing are produced for women who are comfortable in their style, who keep an eye on trends without blindly following them, but most importantly, who look to integrate pieces that will enhance their current wardrobe, without disrupting it.


Sartoria Sanvittore has also helped in the preservation of the traditional confection techniques for legal robes (Sartoria Forense), by teaching the necessarily skills required for its production process. 

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