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Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Alice doesn’t just sew objects and garments. It sews partnerships, develops communities and breaks stigmas.


It is a proponent of the ‘Made in Italy’ heritage as a source of promotion for national identity and sustainability.

Sustainability as a word has been so frequently used, that its true meaning has been misappropriated. While it refers to environmental issues, it also applies to social and economic issues, education, health care and the development of communities.

Sustainability is not about depriving humanity, but to help it come up with new and better ways to fulfill its needs, without being detrimental to the future generations.

This is where the value of Alice’s human-centric approach comes into play.

Each member of the Alice community plays an integral part towards its success. We can no longer look at ourselves as individuals, but as a part of a movement towards a greater good.

Each member takes on the physical manifestation of an ‘i’. They are the ones who help break the cycle of life behind bars, by allowing for the continuous production of ethical goods.

Here is how you can become an i.

All of the funds raised, by these sales, go back into the management and maintenance of the production laboratories.


You can purchase clothes, from the Sartoria SanVittore collection.


Our online store carries items created for Alice. They are objects that represent the future liberty of the creators behind them.

They go from symbols of confinement to a manifestation of future liberty; all the while emphasizing the beauty in unity and integration, as we work towards a more sustainable future for all.

Also available are the t-shirts created to help promoted the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, created by the United Nations. The goals showcased are directly related to the work done, by Alice.


A series of initiatives are available for purchase.

Institutions & Businesses

A modern designer looks at how design can impact the world, how design is a tool of social and environmental change, how the design process is key in transforming industries into discovering practices that it normally wouldn’t even consider.

Volunteering & Donations

Volunteering opportunities are available.

Donations for the laboratories are also accepted.

Textiles, sewing machinery and accessories are welcomed.

Please contact Alice directly for more information

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