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Alice’s vision is to demonstrate how restoring someone’s dignity through work is not only a profitable business model, but also a worthy societal investment. Alice doesn’t just sew objects and garments. It sews partnerships, develops communities and breaks stigmas. 


Alice’s mission is to build an inclusive society that empowers individuals and supports sustainable development through craftsmanship and ethical work practices. 


With the support of the Municipality of Milan and the Ministry of Justice, Alice has grown via the offered training programs and varied initiatives, developed to help many individuals in need over the years. The administrative board is composed of highly trained, specialists in the fields of fashion and sustainability. However creating lasting building blocks and achieving their objectives on policy, communication and education requires funds and encouragement from other sources.



Every person, who becomes an i, weaves themselves into Alice's rich mosaic of equality, tradition and sustainability. Every shade of i enhances the beautiful tones set off, from the cooperative's work. When we support Alice, we are all Italy. Regardless of where we are in the world, every purchase or donation made, makes us patrons of the true meaning behind Made in Italy: craftsmanship, quality, knowledge, experience and pride in the work. We become conservationists of excellence.


Change comes from the inside. We all hold the capacity to ignite it within ourselves. We can all be social reformers, if we listen to the power of the i, we hold. We are all special. We all have purpose. It is time to harvest it and show the world how I am Alice.