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i Am Italy

The Alice quality standard is the new Made in Italy and the next chapter of the Italian AltaModa legacy. Our laboratories consist of individuals working together and learning new skills guided by leaders in the industry. These individuals are not only regaining independence but are becoming a part of a larger tradition, the artisanal handicraft. Collaboration, dialogue and integration are key ingredients to a better tomorrow.


The decision to purchase an item produced by Alice, isn't just an investment towards a more ethical and equitable future, for all. It is also an investment in the preservation and propagation of knowledge; the knowledge of the history behind the craftsmanship required to produce an item. It is our contribution towards saving the artistic crafts from the threat of extinction.


The societal impact therefore becomes two-tiered. Firstly, the immediate effects are felt throughout Alice's efforts and the lives of their employees. The second, however, becomes a long-term asset for all. Regardless of ethnicity, the workmanship developed, over the centuries, in Italy, has left its mark. It has become the benchmark for the fashion industry. By conserving these techniques, Alice allows for future generations to not only learn from them, but to also help them evolve with it.


Alice is dedicated to Italy’s craftsmanship of excellence and to the “intelligence of the hand”, which is perpetuated by artistic crafts both in Italy and in the world.


Empowering Alice isn't just a way of becoming part of a movement; it is a means of unleashing our individual capacity to make an impact on the world. It is a method of communicating that the strength of one, comes from how it can influence the collective.

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