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Alice manages nine laboratories, around Italy, who each specialize in a different technique or material. Comprised of a gender-balanced workforce, each employee develops a sense of purpose through their work.

We raise awareness and create change through our laboratories consisting of individuals working together and learning new skills guided by leaders in the fashion industry. Help us change the way fashion is made and consumed. 

With the support of generous partners, sponsors and individuals, we showcase and bring to market  the craftsmanship of the clothing created inside of the different laboratories, ran by the cooperative. It starts with changing the way we talk about fashion. We elevate the issue by breaking down stereotypes, in regards to the definition of what sustainability is. Debunking the myth that sustainability must necessarily stem from recycled or up-cycled sources through a growing number of design and business institutions.


Milan, prison of Bollate, female section


Modeling and Production 

We have 4 women who works in Milan, via G. Ferrari


Modeling, Prototypes, and Production 

This lab employs 6 women coming from several troubles. + 1 modeller in Milan, Baranzate


Modeling, Styling, Prototypes, and Production 

This lab employs 7 immigrants + 1 production director
Monza prison: 2 men employed


Venice, prison of S. Maria Maggiore: 4 men employed + 1 production director
Vigevano, High Security Prison: 3 women employed
Monza prison: 4 men employed + 2 technicians


Frame Work
San Vittore prison: 3 women employed + 1 production director

Handmade Felt
Catania prison, 1 woman + 1 artistic director

Socially Made in Italy

Sartoria Sanvittore

Gatti Galeotti

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