Design for Change is an invitation to use problem-solving and design thinking to bring forth  social change.


Design for Change aims to highlight opportunities of engagement for designers to grow academically, professionally, whilst expanding their network, and learning the power behind design. Design for change recognizes the wide range of designers’ work, which benefit the world, our country, and our communities.


We wish to encourage  designers to  play a catalytic role through community projects that create positive social impact. By supporting designers through meaningful internship programs, open dialogues, impact measurement toolkits, advocacy and promotion. We hope to serve as a resource for designers who wish to work in this area and a beacon for designers leading the charge. It’s time for design-driven social change! 

Design isn’t just a means of communicating visually. It is an important factor for societal change. While seeing a beautiful object enhances our experience with it; it is only when we start creating them, that we understand how much more important design is, in our daily lives. 

When a person starts understanding the process behind a thoughtful production and supply chain, it is then that they can fully grasp the beauty of what they have created. The knowledge obtained, the understanding of the process, and the satisfaction of seeing a reflection come to life are the keys to achieving a more sustainable and fruitful future for all. 

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