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Culture Capsule © Malina Corpadean



If being sustainable requires new, innovative and more efficient ways to fulfills ones needs and to prevent the depletion of resources for future generations, then art and design are the perfect partners for it. Both seek long-term impact. Both are means of communicating situations, experiences and aspirations. Art, fashion, design and sustainability, all have the means of guiding us towards our vision of a better future.

We’re being confronted with challenges that are only getting bigger and bigger. Their scales, their magnitude, and more importantly, their tolls on humanity, have grown rapidly. It is important to start acting now. As such, Alice follows the initiatives set out by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, 17 goals for 2030, as part of an action-plan timeline.


Reading through the list, it is even more important to highlight how creativity can achieve these goals, as creativity helps manage the microeconomic theory of rarity. As a society, we have unlimited wants and needs, while the resources necessary to meet them are limited. We find ourselves confronted with a scarcity in resources. But if creativity is an ever-changing, evolving, renewable source of solutions, then the partnership is that much more crucial.

The creative industries are perpetually adapting and changing. Individuals tackle relevant and important subjects. They choose to not only better themselves, but the world in which we all live in, by being human-centric. This key factor is the reason businesses should never forgo benefitting from them.


The creative process isn’t just for designers and artists anymore. It is the missing link for corporations in finding new perspectives and solutions, to known or unperceived issues.