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Voices of Change: Women in Tech & Finance - London, NYC

by Reuters/ Arko Datta

Behind Every


There is a Human

As a society, we forget that the clothing and accessories that we purchase make an impact globally. They are not just items in our closets. They are a direct result of a series of decisions made by designers, manufacturers and consumers. Each of these tiers hold the power to influence our society for the better.

However, for our purchasing power to make a positive effect, we must first all be aware of our options and the ways in which even small changes can impact society positively on ethical and environmental issues.

As the consulting and production branch of Alice, this is the mission that Socially Made in Italy has given itself. A platform created to connect a diverse group of people, in the scope of creating better opportunities in an ethical manner, while preserving traditional Italian craftsmanship, such as tailoring, leather goods, framework and felt. Sartoria San Vittore has also gained recognition for their production of lawyer’s robes. The most recent numbers indicate that 2000 lawyers and judges, throughout Italy, have purchased robes sewn by Socially.


Furthermore, Socially can help you create and develop your own laboratories, to inform and educate your staff members, and to also assure quality levels within your production.


Socially allows for you to contribute to sustainable and ethical practices, without taking on the necessary infrastructure required. It also permits for smaller productions at a lesser cost.

Finally, as part of the consulting work offered, Socially can assist in the development of CSR initiatives and educational material, for corporations and institutions.

  • Increase brand awareness and achieve measurable social impact

  • Development of new products and services

  • Human resources

  • Impact-driven communication techniques

  • Corporate communications: transforming brands into platforms of discussion to better innovate for the future

  • Ethical production capabilities coupled with the know-how and the trusted reliability of the Made in Italy tradition

  • Partnerships with companies seeking brand recognition for multi-tiered collaborations

  • Creation and arrangement of mindful production standards and networks

  • Franchising and licensing via its Socially Made in Italy brand

  • Designing and design thinking to social entrepreneurs

  • Skills and training for the laboratories

  • Recruitment services to assist in the development of the new laboratories

  • Team building and synergy exercises within corporations and institutions

  • Creation and coordination of seminars, workshops and think thanks

  • Establishing guidelines on how to transform a supply chain into a more circular model

  • Training programs with academic, financial, governmental institutions and sustainable enterprises for educational purposes, product development, brand recognition and strategic branding

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Designed by Carmina Campus and

Produced Ethically by Socially Made in Italy


To the SDGs

Via Socially Made in Italy, Alice has a commitment towards the three P’s: people, production and planet. 

People: Restoring dignity one object at a time

Production: Preservation and education of Italian craftmanship

Planet: Providing a fair and ethical workforce, while creating a circular economy, in order to protect our planet. 

As such, it is an active participant towards the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals, set for 2030, by the United Nations. 

Of the 17 goals, presented by the United Nations, Socially has adhered to seven of them specifically, to advance the cause, with the goals 10 and 17 being the most significant ones. 

Goal 4: Quality Education

Goal 5: Gender Equality

Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

Goal 10: Reduce inequalities

Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities

Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals. 

Read more about the United Nations goals





The co-operative model of business is based on ethics, values and principles that put the needs and aspirations of their members, above the simple goal of maximizing profit. Through self-help and empowerment, reinvesting in their communities and concern for the well-being of people and the world in which we live, co-operatives nurture a long-term vision for sustainable economic growth, social development and environmental responsibility.


Read more about the Co-ops for 2030 campaign http://www.coopsfor2030.coop/en

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We can assist in the development

of CSR initiatives and educational material for corporations

and institutions

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