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Culture Capsule © Malina Corpadean

Fashion, or so-called style, has been an important aspect of all human societies. In its definition, fashion is the product of  taking dress and adding to its obvious utilitarian function another purpose. Before dress becomes fashion, it needs to be transformed, personalized, as to express something that will communicate our identity to others. How we go about telling our story, how we engage in this process affects how we engage with ourselves and others.

It is important to mention that a sustainable society depends upon a sustainable culture. When culture and tradition are not maintained, social and moral identity are compromised and value systems are weakened all the while social and economic systems become unsustainable. To survive, we must engage in activities that sustain our culture and disengage from customs that destroy our humanity and therefore our society, economy and environment.

The purpose behind this initiative is to bring story-telling to the realm of fashion, under the guise that most of human history has been transmitted through the art of story telling. “The stories that we tell and the stories that we listen to are ingrained in who we are and how we live. (What is the Role of Storytelling in Cultural Sustainability? Karen Abdul‐Malik ” (Karen Abdul‐Malik, the Role of Storytelling in Cultural Sustainability, 2012).

We hope to initiate a dialogue through a series of capsules headed by guest creatives. These collaborations will tell our story as well as the story behind the legendary Made in Italy label using both word and image.  In doing so we all rediscover the true meaning behind Made in Italy: craftsmanship, quality, knowledge, experience and pride in the work. We become conservationists of excellence.