Campaign Concept by © Abbruzzo+Associates. Photography by Malina Corpadean.


In this campaign, we appropriate this idea of dangerous people and make the viewer alter their preconceived notion of appearances. Since we do not see the face of the model, one can not judge based on physicality. Their presence in Alice’s sphere is not based on where they come from, but what they are doing to the organization succeed. Their stories are what matters.

The color red no longer becomes a symbol of danger. Red now unifies us all. It becomes a new visual reference.


Each person becomes just as much of a stakeholder as the faceless few, behind the scenes. We all become Alice; therefore, we all become Italy.


As members of the Alice community, we are equal in the process. We erase borders, nationalities and social classes. Being Alice means that you share the same values of work, legacy, pride, craftsmanship, sustainability and innovation.

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Cooperativa Alice