© 2020 by Cooperativa Alice/ Campaign & Design by © Abbruzzo+Associates/ Campaign Photography by Malina Corpadean/ Copy by Laurie Bedikian

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Graphics by © Abbruzzo+Associates.

The best kinds of gifts are ones that restore lives. That’s why Shop Alice is here to get you through the holiday season with a stylish twist on the world of online shopping. With an array of socially hand made in Italy gifts that give back Shop Alice brings together products that  help towards building an inclusive society, empowering individuals and supporting sustainable development through craftsmanship and ethical work practices. Together we can help break the cycle of life behind bars, by allowing for the continuous production of ethical goods.


Whether you want to shop, share, or wear, Shop Alice makes it easy and fun to restore lives this holiday season.


Households worldwide will spend an average of 1000.00 euros this holiday season. That translates into billions of dollars in consumer spending that can empower philanthropy and social good. By shopping at Alice’s online store conscious and ethical consumers can channel some of their spending power into the nonprofit sector.  Or, if you prefer to donate, we welcome your support!  Either way, give back this holiday season and shop for good! 




Regardless of where we are in the world, every purchase or donation made, makes us patrons of the true meaning behind Made in Italy: craftsmanship, quality, knowledge, experience and pride in the work. We become conservationists of excellence.


We’re very excited to launch  Alice’s i people collection available in white, red, green and black. For every piece you buy from the collection, we’ll re-invest a portion of the price into the management and maintenance of our laboratories. Visit Shop Alice to view our new collection and pre-order your items now! 




The designers wanted to capture Alice’s essence, by transforming the harsh imagery associated, with prison life, into an uplifting experience for all, where personal growth and fulfillment becomes a reality. Bars become grids of dots and hues and are stitched together by Alice. They go from symbols of confinement to a manifestation of future liberty; all the while emphasizing the beauty in unity and integration, as we work towards a more sustainable future for all. 


Alice’s dedication to sustainability and to the cultural preservation of traditional Italian techniques and crafts were the first elements, that attracted the designers to the brand. It is, however, upon finding out the importance of empowering women, giving them the proper tools to be independent and successful in their lives, that resonated with them so much, that they agreed to do the project pro bono.


Of the 30 people employed by Alice, 25 of them are women. Most of these women were given a new lease on life, thanks to the important work done by the cooperative. While their backgrounds differ, they found common ground when presented with this key piece of information. Women in the creative industries must create a support network, so that they can enable other women to succeed in their careers. Collaborative projects become tools towards achieving that goal.  In this case, the collaboration was not only between the different fields of design, but it was also international.  

Based in Canada, the team consists of design veterans. Just like the circle placed in the logo, they were individual dots that had gone through their own courses and professional obstacles, and were now being embraced by Alice’s larger circle. Having overcome these difficulties – in large part thanks to the circle of women around them- it was their turn to give back.  


Cooperativa Alice